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“Top-grade image, top-grade quality, and top-grade service” is the unremitting pursue for Huanyu people. We are concentrated on creating humanity environment which is in favor of employees progressing and bringing more novel manners, and in favor of company producing more valuable consultation projects.

Mission: Dedicating the development of global consultation industry, forcing the progress of human civilization

Slogan: Huanyu creates future forever

Meaning: Trustworthiness, efficiency, innovation, and solidarity

Characteristics: Peaceful, passional, progressive, and unremitting

Pursue: Top-grade image, top-grade quality, and top-grade service

Management Philosophy: The management of corporation is the management of the thought

Standard: Providing integrated consultation projects, and establishing long-time cooperation relationship

Management Strategy: Comprehending the professional knowledge of politics, economy, legislations, technology, etc. in advance

Proverb: Credibility outside, solidarity inside

Motto: Self-realization, self-achievement; Mastering economy, serving economy

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