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1.Specific Study to the Governmental Departments

We conduct research to the correspondence between the current regulations and the government policies, and the adjustment to the governmental efficient administration in the new circumstances. We draw up new department regulations and rules.

We conduct research on the new thought formulated by the leaders and the new circumstances in reformation. We provide reasonable advices to meet the requirements of economic development and macro management by the government.

2.Specific Study to the Enterprises

We conduct research on: Investment Direction,Market Prospect,Investment Returns,Technical Solutions,Solutions to Enlarge the Scale of Production,The Improvement of Economic Benefit,Analyzing from the aspects of resource, technique, fund, and market, we provide you proper investment decisions guiding you with a scientific engineering project.

We provide consultancies to your project solutions. We ensure the rationality to the ratio of its function and capability; its agreement with the resource-saving and comprehensive utilization policies and with the requirement of the environment improvement and of the relating specific regulations. We provide solutions with high efficiency to reduce the resource consumed and to improve its utilization rate for the sustainable development of the enterprises.

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